Digital Entrepreneur

Young Coalition for Prevention and Vaccination

ThinkYoung is the first think tank focusing on young people. It was founded in Brussels in 2009 and has since expanded to Geneva, Hong Kong, and Nairobi. A not-for-profit organization, ThinkYoung aims to make the world a better place for young people by involving them in decision-making processes and by providing decision makers with high-quality research on key issues affecting young people.
In 2019, ThinkYoung initiated the “Young Coalition for Prevention and Vaccination” which aggregated over 30 young people with the goal of promoting vaccination and prevention Europe-wide. Mihai Negrea, MD is a member of this coalition, based in Romania. He has a clinical specialization in epidemiology but also specializations in healthcare management (MHA) and medical and pharmaceutical research (MSc).
A person who mingles in different domains and makes them work together, Dr. Negrea also has project management and business intelligence experience in the IT industry in addition to being a medical doctor and Healthcare Management Consultant in the healthcare sector. As a Digital Health enthusiast and digital transformation promoter in healthcare, he has been involved in the startup environment locally and at the European level for several years, and truly believes that technology can make health available for all.