Startups at the Center of Patient-Driven Healthcare Innovation

Allied for Startups is proud to be partnering up with MSD and Digital Health Academy for the first ever European edition of the Patient Digital Health Awards! We celebrate this opportunity for European startups working in the digital health space to showcase their patient-focused innovations and gain visibility for their work. AFS encourages all European digital health innovators to apply for this year’s edition of European Patient Digital Health Awards.

Benedikt Blomeyer-Bartenstein

"As the most user-centric companies ever, startups are looking for validation from their users. In the sensitive area of digital health this is even more relevant. In this vertical the patient is everything - getting exposure and traction with them through the PDHA can give startups more credibility,” Benedikt Blomeyer-Bartenstein, Director of EU Policy at Allied for Startups, remarks.

Startups continue to display their problem-solving abilities in reaction to new challenges, all the while remaining true to their users: patients. This was particularly highlighted throughout Covid-19, where startup entrepreneurs stepped up to the plate and addressed some of the most pressing challenges posed by the pandemic. From providing accessible telemedicine, mental health platforms and remote care tools, to tracing the spread of Covid-19 and finding the cure - startup digital health solutions have played a vital role in supporting health care systems, COVID-19 vaccinations, and empowering patients around the world.

The most cutting-edge healthcare technologies are those created central to the needs of patients. Patient-driven health innovation builds market-ready solutions that not only respond to patient needs but also provide health care providers with the ability to improve patient care. Healthcare innovation has witnessed a paradigmatic shift in redefining the patient role from a passive recipient to an active and collaborative participant. It is therefore important to recognise innovation from a patient perspective and applaud solutions that improve quality of life!

It is time to shine a spotlight on Europe’s best digital health solutions improving the health and quality of life of patients and caregivers.

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